Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales
Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales
Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales

A Brief History of our Mighty Mark IVB

1956 -1961 Purchased new in London by Mr Harold Mclintock, a grazier from the Cootamundra District of NSW. The car was then used by Mr Mclintock and his family to tour the British Isles and Western Europe before he returned to Australia in early 1957. The car was used as his personal transport until it was offered for sale at Jenkins Garage, Cootamundra in 1961.

1961-1965 The car was purchased by Mr Bruce Lloyd of Cootamundra and was used as both his business and family vehicle while he was resident in Cootamundra, Griffith (MIA) and Canberra.1965 - 1970.

In May 1965 the car was involved in a serious accident and was stored while the legalities were sorted out. About 1968 the car was repaired using second hand parts from another vehicle.
Beside the homestead of the original owner

It remained unregistered until 24 May 1970 (during this time Mr Lloyd's young niece had attempted to paint the car with blue house paint without his knowledge, fortunately without doing any permanent damage), when ownership passed to Mr Lloyd's son, John Lloyd.

1970 - 1983 Although succumbing to the charms of some lesser vehicles and one other Series V Humber during this period, the car was driven by Mr John Lloyd as his daily transport during much of this period. It was also used as his wedding car in 1977 in the Blue Mountains region of NSW. Unfortunately his bride-to-be heard him remark 'doesn't she look beautiful' when talking about the car and not her. He has yet to be forgiven!! The present owner Mr Ray Linden had the privilege of chauffeuring the wedding vehicle, and instantly fell under its spell.

1983 - 1993 After much agonising, John graciously allowed Ray & Lotte Linden (we were then living in Canberra), to become the legal custodians of the Mighty Mark 4 (herein after referred to as MM4). In about 1985 MM4 was repainted, and Lotte's father Kaj Jeppesen completely restored the elegant walnut burr dashboard and door trims.
Wedding day of the Previous owner

1993 - 2006 MM4 was shipped to Melbourne in 1993 when Ray was relocated by his employer (the Australian Government). In about 1995 we joined the Humber Car Club of Victoria Inc, and enjoyed many outings, club runs, motoring events, and several National Humber Rallys.

In 2003, we moved from Melbourne to Castlemaine, and due to work commitments, sadly we now don't get to take MM4 out as much as we did before. Since the move from Canberra, MM4 has had new carpets fitted and brand new headlining and window & door trims made & installed. The 'new' paintwork now being 20 years old needs re-doing and various other cosmetics need to be carried out, but it is an exceptionally reliable vehicle and has rarely let us down.

The Mighty Mark 4 has taken us to many new places and, and we have met some wonderful people and made many friends because of it.


In 1952 a Humber Super Snipe was driven overland from London to Cape Town in 13 days 9 hours 6 minutes.

A Humber Super Snipe similar to MM4 won the over 2500cc class at the 1953 Redex Round Australia Reliability Trial, and came second overall, losing by only 10 seconds in a 6,500 mile (10,400 km) race.

In the 1954 Redex Trial, Women's Weekly sponsored an all-woman team in a Humber Super Snipe.

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