Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales
Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales
Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales

Jells Park - First event for the year, and a Multi Club Event

About thirty five of us gathered together on a mild, sunny summer's day to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Jell's Park. The Humber Car Club had invited the Singer, Sunbeam, Sunbeam Talbot, Rootes and Humber members for a picnic/BBQ together and what a lovely day it was.

For a start the weather was perfect, not the 40°C+ it was last year, and there were none of the forecast showers. Club members picnicked and chatted together all afternoon. It was good to meet and have a chance to talk to members of the different car clubs. Most of us came in our club cars so that was a great starting point for any conversation. Several games of quoits were played with various degrees of success. I am unsure if strict competition rules applied - I suspect not.
The Singer Club brought along a game of Pétanque for a competition between the clubs for their name to be inscribed on the "Chug-a-Lug" tankard trophy. Fierce rivalry ensued with lots of laughter and cries of "I can't see the white ball!" "Whose turn is it to play?" and "Your foot is over the line!" It was the first team to 7 points and the yellow team (Ian Aspinall and Anne Anderson representing the Rootes Group) won. It was fun and it was good to see friendly rivalry between everyone involved.
David Adamson again devised an interesting quiz on road rules. As we are all experienced drivers we thought this will be easy - wrong! Even though we were given multiple choice answers we were battling to get any right. For example: - Is it an offence to splash a pedestrian after driving through a puddle? Answer: Only if they are standing at a bus stop. Or how about - What must a taxi driver in Queensland carry within their vehicles? Answer: A hay bale!!! Members of the Singer Club were victorious in this quiz having the least number of wrong answers (only 10 wrong from 18 questions) and they very generously shared the prize with everyone present. Thank you David for providing us with some interesting road rules to puzzle over when we thought we would know them all!
Members and cars present with apologies to anyone I may have missed:

Humber Car Club
John & Judy Washbourne/Lewis (1927 14/40)
Colin & Anne Anderson (1956 Mark IV Hawk)
Fred Pieterson (1966 Mark II Sceptre)
Keith Willimott (1964 Mark IB Sceptre)
Chris & Lyn Ganderton, Melissa, Annabel & Jack (1966 Series V S/snipe)
Ian & Rhonda Aspinall (Chrysler)
Hugh & Jenny Baker (Modern)
David & Joanne Adamson (Modern)
Andy Fisher (Modern)

Singer Car Club
Ted & Lorette O'Connor/Jorael (1949 Singer)
Trevor Leech (Gazelle)
Andy & Faye Boull/Diamond (Gazelle 3B Convertible)
Roger & Margaret Page (1948 Nash)
Judith & Glen Bishop (modern)

Rootes Group Car Club
Ian & Lennie (1967 Hillman Gazelle)
Tania & Thomas Clayton & Deo (1964 Hillman Estate Wagon)
Christine & Mick Lindsay (1962 Super Minx)
Andrew (bicycle)

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