Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
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Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales
Humber Car Club of Victoria for stories on National Rallies and Events,  members cars
and Regalia Sales

Casterton Motor Enthusiasts Club Inc - Silver Rally - March 8-10, 2014

Friday, 7th March 2014

Here we are after years of saying, "One day we'll go to the Casterton Rally" and we are comfortably set up in the Casterton Caravan Park with our caravan and trusty Humber parked alongside. This is our first visit to the Casterton Rally and already we are finding the country hospitality is evident with the locals being very welcoming. The caravan park is excellent and it is interesting to see it filling up with other Rally participants - quite a broad spectrum of cars in attendance. Today we met Ron and Lorraine Forth who tell us it is their fourth visit to the Rally and they are very enthusiastic. Last year Ron's Ambulance won the Classic Commercial section of the Show & Shine.
Saturday, 8th March
Registration was the first thing on the agenda today. On reading the Rally Programme we see just how many different cars are in attendance - almost 100, from veterans through to the "modern" classics! Morning tea was followed by the Saturday Run to Harrow, approx 60 klms away. I admit that the run to Harrow was one of the attractions for us attending the Rally! After lunch we roamed around the town to take in the history which the township has gone to a lot of trouble to set out and which includes a motor museum, the old Bush Nursing Hospital and the Discovery Centre which is particularly interesting with information about Australia's first cricket eleven.

There is also an annual Go-Kart race at Harrow which was in action when we left. After a leisurely drive back to Casterton we relaxed for a couple of hours before attending the dinner and a very enjoyable evening.
Sunday, 9th March
8 a.m. and the cars assemble for the Show & Shine judging followed by the Sunday Run.

We all set off - very conscious of the extremely warm conditions - bound for Koolomurt property where we had a packed lunch prepared for us by the Casterton Lions Club together with very welcome cold drinks!!

We were welcomed by the owner who told us a little of the history of his property and how it has evolved to the business it is today. It was good to visit an active property rather than it being "just" historical. The run was approx 130 klms return. Again we had a couple of hours to relax before attending the Presentation Dinner and another very enjoyable evening.
Monday, 10th March
Farewell breakfast, a final raffle (our I.D. Rally badges; lanyards all returned for future use!) then we all went on our merry ways to our various homes. Did we enjoy ourselves? YES. Would we recommend the Rally? YES. Definitely worth the visit.

A fun note: I made use of the Misty Fan I pulled out of the Kris Kringle basket at our break-up last November. When I opened the package I jokingly said, "Oh good, an air conditioner for the Humber!" Well, I tried it out at this Rally and it does bring some cool relief used from time to time when hot-and-bothered during a long hot drive! So - "thank you, Kris Kringle giver" !!

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